Venice Beach, Part III

Another random discovery …

And here we meet Victor, from early 1975.  He and his dog lived in an old circa 1952 Pontiac and a decrepit immobile old delivery van on the vacant lot next to the beachfront apartment where I stayed at the time.  Some say that he had a PhD and once had a career as an engineer.  Sometimes Victor was quite lucid, sometimes not at all.  He saw himself as king of the lot and sometimes tried to extract fees from people who parked there. He seemed to survive on that as well as odd jobs (I paid him once to help me out with a fix to something on the Landrover, which is pictured here with Victor and a neighbor.)  We were all quite astonished one day when, according to some neighborhood eyewitnesses, a well-dressed woman appeared in a Mercedes, claiming to be his wife, and took him away with her.   As I recall, he reappeared not long after.

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